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Michael Berger | ASHI Licensed

Home Inspector and Member

ASHI – Member # 245112

Home Inspector Michael Berger

The Path to Home Inspections

An Atlanta native, Michael Berger, was a former tennis professional for many years but later in life discovered his love and interest in the construction of houses and then decided to follow a career in home inspections. 

“I would find myself visiting friends at their homes and looking around, unintentionally, for flaws in the construction and finishes of the home. My wife, a Realtor, suggested I should educate myself, gain experience, and become certified as a Home Inspector.” Julie, His wife, encouraged him to follow his passion for homes and their construction and he did just that and hasn’t looked back since. Michael truly appreciates his job as a home inspector because it isn’t just a way to pay the bills but something he genuinely has interest and takes immense pride in.


A Well-trained Professional

Michael received his training at the well-respected American Society of Home Inspections (ASHI) participating in the Training and Development of International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings. In addition, he was able to gain a vast amount of practice and understanding working under one of the most esteemed and knowledgeable home inspectors and home builders in the country.

8000+ Inspections Performed

Michael has now been a licensed home inspector for over 15 years and is far from green in the world of home inspections. He has encountered a large array of people and construction problems alike during his time as a Home Inspector having performed over 8,000 discreet inspections personally.  With so many Inspections and years of experience standing behind him there are little to no situations he has yet to encounter. His long and successful career makes him well-qualified and experienced in many ways. He is a clear and worthy choice for your future Home Inspector.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Michael has been married to his wife Julie for 33 years. The couple enjoys spending time with their now grown children, Stephen a radon measurement specialist, and Jennifer a financial operations supervisor. Michael and his wife adore going for long bike rides and visiting the islands with their loving family.

Area of Operation

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